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Career & Alternative Masterclasses

Career & Alternative Masterclasses

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Career & Alternative Masterclasses
  • Warm Up Masterclass

    Explore Adam's favorite warm up routine, and other stretches and exercises to get you playing your best.

  • Drum Notation Masterclass

    Learn the fundamentals of reading music, and the benefits of being able to hand write your musical ideas.

  • Practicing 101 Masterclass

    Not sure how to structure your practice time? Watch this!

  • Social Media Masterclass

    A live recording of Adam's exclusive Social Media Masterclass. Branding, marketing, posting tips, content creation philosophies, and student QnA.

  • Texturing Masterclass

    Intermediate | Learn tons of uncommon ways to get weird sounds out of your drum set. If you're in need of a creativity boost; watch this!

  • Modern Metal Masterclass

    Advanced | Explore a variety of fills and grooves in a modern metal style. Focused on grooves and fills throughout.

  • Odd Time 101 Masterclass

    Intermediate | Explore basic grooves in odd time signatures, and the math involved to understand how they work!
    - 5/4
    - 7/8
    - 9/8
    - 3/4
    - 6/8